Get $50 - $250K in cash credit using a personal guarantee

Your business needs either you OR "someone" to personally guarantee these Business Lines of Credit. We include a "credit partner recruitment kit"

You generally can get approved for theses Lines of Credit QUICKLY!! Usually within eight weeks, depending on certain criteria.

This is a completely DIFFERENT program than the Business Credit Extreme Makeover Program. This program is for people who ARE willing to personally guarantee their initial business credit OR who can recruit a credit partner who will do the personal guaranteeing.

These are called micro loans. These loans did not always exist. At one point, it was common that you would have to give a bank or a business lender your full business plan, financial statements, balance sheet, tax returns, and bank statements to apply, and if everything didn't look great, you could forget about getting funded.

Once the mortgage market meltdown hit lenders, they had to figure out a new way to "feed the machine" or they literally go out of business. Lenders have come out with a whole line of ONE PAGE APPLICATION stated income products. THESE products don't yet have the bad name on Wall Street that stated income mortgage have, and every dollar that the lenders lend out helps keep them in business.

So the right questions to be asking are: Who do you go to for these loans? What are the basic qualifying criteria? We show you right in the program who to go to. We even give you access to copies of loan applications right online.

The two most important things we do for you are: #1: Explain the things that they look for that generally lead to decline and then #2: Explain the underwriting criteria in general so you understand what position your business needs to be in to successfully receive a microloan.

This #1 and #2 above that we cover in detail for each lender isn't something that they tell you, nor do they print it on the front of the application. We have gained this knowledge through hard won experience helping clients get approved and seeing what's gone wrong and why. We bring you value by saving you time and money by educating you on the process before you apply.

How do I recruit someone to be a credit partner?
Good question. We've seen the most success when potential credit partners are given complete written information that addresses their most common fears and concerns. We have developed a "credit partner recruitment kit" that you can adjust to your specific business. The 38 slide powerpoint presentation walks a prospective credit partner step by step through how the arrangement is structured, what is in it for them, and is a very powerful aid in getting someone interested in your offer. We also include well laid out templates of the actual legal agreements that you can easily populate with the terms of your specific deal. These agreements have been designed to specifically protect the credit partner, so that they feel comfortable signing the personal guarantee. Your chances of success skyrocket when you are properly prepared. We've found that the more professional, legal and "together" you are when you present the idea to your prospective credit partner, the more likely you are to get a "yes".

Do these lines of credit show up on the credit partner's credit report, or affect their debt ratio when they apply for loans?

No. They don't affect the financial life of the person who signs at all – it's like nothing ever happened – unless the business stops making the payments.

There are companies who offer to fill these applications out for you, and they charge anywhere from 3% to 9% of the amount of money that you get approved for.

These applications are LITERALLY one page applications that contain the same type of questions you'd see on a one page credit card application.
This program is the "do it yourself" product. We give you access to applications, and written, easy-to-follow step-by-step information on the general guidelines for approval, etc. YOU fill out the applications, and save yourself a boatload of money.

Now, IF you would rather pay someone to walk you through it and save you the hassle of filling out the applications (and there are people that simply need and want this), We could recommend companies that we have seen that do a very good job. This type of service is just not something that WE deliver.

The program covers in detail:

  • Banks who are offering zero percent interest business financing for six months or for twelve months
  • The banks that are the most aggressive in offering MICRO Loans
  • Access to the actual applications are available right on our site
In order to qualify for the micro loans, someone will need to sign the application as personal guarantor. This person will need to have excellent credit. The ideal credit partner is generally someone with a 700+ Experian FICO score, with no negative credit such as collections, judgments, late payments, or a previous bankruptcy. This person should also not be "maxed out" on their credit cards.

If you DO HAVE this kind of credit, you could literally be weeks away from being able to get up to 150K in unsecured business credit.

If you DON'T have this kind of credit personally, our MICRO LOANS APPROVAL PROGRAM offers you the following resources:
  • Credit partner presentation kit for you to use to recruit a credit partner
  • Contracts you can use to bring the credit partner into your business
  • Contracts that limit partner's liability, and establish what they get
If you are absolutely sure that you are unable or unwilling to recruit a credit partner, AND you are certain that your own credit cannot be repaired with credit repair, then the MICRO LOAN APPROVAL PROGRAM will not be of much use to you at this time, and you are going to want to stick with the Business Credit Extreme Makeover Program, which puts you on track to obtaining corporate credit WITHOUT using personal guarantees.