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Micro Loans: 15K-75K Rapid Approval Program

Use your good personal credit to get approved for 15K - 75K in cash business credit

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Extreme Makeover!

Build Business Credit immediately and regardless of your personal credit using our step by step one year program

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How is the Extreme Makeover Program different from its competitors?

Find out some of the differences between us and the competition.

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DBA vs. Corp vs. LLC

Which type of entity is the best? Incorporate in your state or out of state? Answers to the most common questions.

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Incorporation Services

Incorporate your business - get all of the paperwork drawn up and filed inexpensively and with great customer service 

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Build your business credit and get a Paydex score of 80 (which is like a 700 FICO score) GUARANTEED!!!


       FINALLY!!! You've found THE BEST VALUE on the Internet!


Click here if you need to form a Corporation or an LLC

Our Program is currently on sale for only $4995

To start the program, you cannot have previous bad BUSINESS credit that you obtained under the name and tax id number of a business entity that is in a similar field to the field your current company is now in.

If you do not have a Corporation or LLC, it's not a problem at all! We will draw up the papers for you at no extra charge - click here

100% of those who have a valid entity and who do not have past bad BUSINESS credit, who then do the first two steps of our program (which involves about four hours of their time) will start getting hundreds of dollars of credit in the FIRST FIVE BUSINESS DAYS on the program!... and over 98% of our clients who do steps 1 through 5 obtain over $50,000 in business credit under their company name (and that is just steps 1 through 5)

Our program will help you get business credit, such as store cards, Mastercards, Cash Credit Lines, Automobile Financing, Equipment Leasing, regardless of your personal credit – over 98% of the clients who execute our coaching steps achieve ROCK SOLID business credit and get approved for several business lines of credit WITHOUT personal guarantees!

A happy client says: "The program works great – it shows you how to get business credit without using your personal social security number...." read client testimonials


Basic Program Questions and Answers:

*QUESTION: What "PREREQUISITES" do I have to have in place before I can actually start the steps of your program? ANSWER: Next to nothing!! You have to have a "Valid Entity" which is a Corporation or LLC (even if it is brand new) that is in "good standing"and "active" with your correct address (We can easily get this set up for you at no extra charge if you don't have a Corp or LLC!!) Also, you must have no past bad BUSINESS credit under this company or under a previous company that was in a similar line of business.

*QUESTION: How soon will I start getting credit under just my business name? (Assuming the pre-requisites mentioned directly above are in place) ANSWER: You will start getting business credit right away (within three business days) of applying for all of the vendors on Step 2.

*QUESTION: How soon will I have a Paydex score? ANSWER: 45 to 90 days from starting the program in order to have a perfect Paydex score of 80 (assuming you've paid the bills on time).

*QUESTION: What is "cash credit" ANSWER: Visas, Mastercards, checkbook style credit lines, any credit where YOU have control over WHERE you spend the money (as opposed to "vendor credit" where you must spend at a particular store or business)

*QUESTION: Is is a "easy" and "simple" to get cash credit with a bad personal FICO score? ANSWER: No.

*QUESTION: Do companies offer cash credit at all using business credit with a bad personal FICO Score? ANSWER: Yes.

*QUESTION: What's the most cash credit that companies can get approved that is not dependent on having a great personal FICO score? ANSWER: Depends on how old your business is at the time you start the program – if your business is at least 18 months old at the time you start: $50,000 in cash credit; if your business is brand new or just a few months old when you start: $20,000 in cash credit

*QUESTION: How long does it take to build up business credit before a Corp or LLC can apply for the CASH credit? ANSWER: Depends on how old your business is at the time you start the program – if your business is at least 18 months old at the time you start: then you'll START being able to apply for the cash credit after six months on the program (if you're starting from scratch, it takes that long to build a base of credit that will allow you to get approved); if your business is brand new when you start, then the SOONEST you'll started getting cash credit is AFTER 12 months of starting the program and most of the cash credit that is available will not be available to you until your company is at least 24 months old

*QUESTION: What is the likely amount of total business credit I'll have after six months of following the program steps? ANSWER: Clients who actually put in the time to do the steps are likely to get $50,000 worth of business credit established. We have a guarantee related to this. Over 98% of clients who do the steps achieve this. Some things that could keep you from achieving this is if you have past bad BUSINESS credit from your current Corp/LLC or from a previous Corporation or LLC that was in a related business. Additionally, although the applications typically do not involve any income documentation, if you list $0 for your annual revenue, or $10,000 a year for your annual revenue, your results will be hindered.

*QUESTION: What is the likely amount of total business credit I'll have after twelve months of doing the program? ANSWER: Clients who actually put the hours in to do the program, who do not have past bad business credit from this or another industry related Corp or LLC, who are claiming on their applications $50,000 or more in annual revenue, are likely to establish $100,000 worth of business credit.

*QUESTION: What is the difference between BUSINESS credit and PERSONAL credit? ANSWER: Personal credit is tracked by Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Building up good personal credit is not an easy or fast process. BUSINESS credit bureaus track whether you are paying your BUSINESS bills on time or not. Examples of business credit bureaus are: Dun and Bradstreet, Cortera,, Experian Business, and Equifax Business. These BUSINESS bureaus contain no information about a Corporation or LLC's owner's or officers personal credit AT ALL. There is ZERO personal credit information on the reports. If your business pays it's bills on time from vendors who report to business credit bureaus, it will build good business credit.

*QUESTION: Can I get this business credit with little or no effort? ANSWER: No. We will coach you on how to do each step. By itself, none of these steps are impossible or complex. Most of the applications ask for very basic information, and we show you what to do. However, it will not "magically" happen because you sign up for our program. You will have to put in the work filling out the applications. When we have timed our staff, and our clients, it has taken the average person about 15 minutes to fill out an application. There are a total of a little over 20 applications on the program. In addition, if you add up the time it takes to do the other steps of the program, that could take the average person another four hours total.

*QUESTION: Why don't you make the same unrealistic claims and promises I see elsewhere on the internet? ANSWER: Our site says that as long as certain pre-requisites are met, that your corporation or LLC can obtain $50,000 in vendor business credit within six months by following our program. Other sites promise much more than that. Some might think that our are claims and promises are watered down. We simply want to be very straightforward and realistic in the expectations that we are setting you up for.

*QUESTION: Is the program "guaranteed" or "proven to work in all cases"? ANSWER: We do have a "no non-sense, plain English guarantee" regarding our program. However, the program is not proven to work in all cases. The major reasons whereby clients have problems getting corporate credit on our program are as follows: 1. They do not put in the effort to take the 15 minutes to fill out each application or do any of the things we tell them to do. 2. they have bad past business credit under their business name, 3. their projected annual revenue is less than $40,000, 4. they do not get themselves a valid corporation or LLC, meaning that their paperwork is not filed with the state or they have past fees that are unpaid, so their corporate status as shown on the secretary of state website is "invalid" or "not in good standing".

*QUESTION: What risks are involved? ANSWER: There are several risks involved: 1. You don't read the "proven to work in all cases" information directly above and you meet one of the four disqualifying criteria listed there in which case you have no results. 2. You do not read the "little or no effort" disclaimer above and mistakenly think that by signing up for the step by step program, that you don't have to do the steps or put out any effort and so you put forth no effort and you get no results.


Here is a more detailed Program Description:

Step 0: Compliance check. We will walk you through each of the things that you need to do in order to have everything structured correctly and have all your i's dotted and t's crossed. It is less painful that you might think. These items are very important, but VERY simple and quick to fix.
Step 1: Getting set up with the BUSINESS credit bureaus. DO NOT call D&B on your own. You will most certainly come away with ideas that are contrary to what 95% of credit builders will teach you. There are several mistakes that people make when they try to obtain their DUNS numbers. These mistakes will end up costing you hundreds of dollars and get you denied for credit. When you sign up with us, the first thing you will do is get a DUNS number the CORRECT way.
Step 2: Getting your "base" vendor accounts. We give you vendors to get approved with. You ARE GUARANTEED to get four of these vendors to extend credit to YOUR company, regardless of how new your company is. You WILL NOT need personal guarantees, and none of your personal credit information will be required.
Your company can join the program having ZERO business credit and will STILL be granted credit by these companies. As soon as you are approved, you'll need to order something on your new credit line (often it can be a small $20 item) from these companies and, of course, pay the bill on time. Assuming you have a valid entity (a Corp or LLC that is active and in good standing and has the correct address listed) and you have no past bad BUSINESS credit, you can start the steps right away, and can get the four vendors that you need approved within the first three business days on the program!
Step 2.5: Getting your credit line for postage. By the end of your first week on the program, you are highly likely to get approved for a revolving business line of credit that you can use to send out direct mail to promote your business with no personal guarantee. Direct mail is not for everyone, but there are many businesses that can buy lists of targeted names and send out mail to generate new clients.
Step 3: This step is confidential. This is an area that we CONSTANTLY see new businesses have no clue about, and those that do usually make a mess of it. It will only take you an hour to initiate this step, but then, behind the scenes, it will actually take approximately three weeks to gain the benefit of it, so you want to DO your part of Step 3 right after you do Step 2.

Note: Assuming you have a "valid entity" and no past bad BUSINESS credit, you should be able to get through Steps 1, 2 and 3 all in the first two weeks of being on the program.

Step 3.5: Additional credit accounts to prepare for the Fortune 500 retail accounts. Here, you will be getting several more credit lines established – all without any regard to your personal credit (our whole program is based on building your BUSINESS credit, and does not depend on the quality of your personal credit.)

Step 4: Getting your "Fortune 500 Retail Credit Cards" – As soon as the accounts you set up in Step 2 and 3.5 are displaying a positive payment history you will THEN and ONLY THEN apply for specific accounts in Step 4. Because you've done each and every previously laid out, you WILL then be approved for at least four of the companies from Step 4. Many of these are credit cards from large, reputable stores. Using and paying THESE cards on time will build your credit worthiness. The other steps are all just stepping stones needed to GET these cards. You should immediately use and pay these cards on time.
Step 5: HIGH DOLLAR LIMIT credit lines: After the Step 4 cards have flowed through to the credit bureaus (which takes about 45 days), you'll get the Step 5 credit lines, which are all HIGH DOLLAR. Prior to Step 5, each line of credit you receive is initially $500-$1,500. On Step 5, you'll be receiving approvals for $5,000, $7,500 and even $10,000 a piece. After Step 5, if you're like 98% of our clients, you'll have approximately $50,000 in business credit established (all under your COMPANY name).
Step 6: Getting set up with the OTHER credit bureaus (besides D&B), plus getting electronic access to the Business Credit Bureau information to be able to modify it, and getting into the "advanced ratings system", which goes beyond the Paydex system. We teach you how to play and "win" this advanced credit game and most people can "win" it within weeks (after doing steps 1-5). This makes lenders want to send you pre-approved offers and makes you look much better than the average "80 Paydex" business out there.
Step 7: Confidential - gets you additional business lines of credit to make you look super good and credit worthy on your business credit report.
Step 8: You apply for your first CORPORATE MASTERCARD based on your business credit even if your personal credit is in shambles.
Step 9: You apply for your first short term cash line of credit with credit line checkbook access Is underwritten using BUSINESS credit report - Does NOT require perfect personal credit - maximum credit limit this lender will approved is $50,000
Step 10: You apply for your second business short term cash line of credit - Very similar to Step 9 above, but with a different lender - is underwriten using BUSINESS credit report - does NOT require perfect personal credit - maximum credit limit this lender will approve is $50,000
Step 11: You apply for Loans, Lines of Credit, Equipment Leases
Our coaching program walks you through the process of getting business credit STEP BY STEP!

Just follow the steps, and you will create a solid business profile showing that your company is a good credit risk. (assuming you pay the bills on time). In addition to the Dun and Bradstreet business profile, you'll be building the specific credit lines you'll need to that report to DUNS so you can establish an on-time Paydex score. You need a minimum of three reporting lines for the Paydex score to be generated. You will also be targeting Experian Business, Equifax Business, Cortera and (other business credit bureaus). This is important because 15 years ago, Dun and Bradstreet was almost exclusively used, but TODAY, there are MANY business credit grantors that use one or more of these other business credit bureaus when granting business credit, so you want good ratings with ALL of them.

If you don't have existing trade references that are giving you real credit, this will hamper you because almost every application for business credit will want ask you to list at least two trade references. Our program walks you through immediately getting those initial trade references – and the companies we connect you with will accept your application and grant you credit even if you're brand new and currently have NO credit at all.

As soon as you sign up you'll have access to:

Vendors who are willing to approve Business Credit Accounts NOW to your company without Personal Guarantees


Lenders who lend to businesses WITHOUT a personal guarantee


Our "stair stepping" format, that leads you through WHICH applications and lines of credit you need to get first, second, third, etc. so that by the time you are applying for creditors which require that you already HAVE credit before they will give you credit, you are ready and approvable


This program and our coaches show how a Corp or LLC OBTAINS THE FOLLOWING:


Cash credit available via a card (ie: Mastercard) in the name of your company without needing good personal credit to qualify


Credit Lines from Business to Business Vendors


Vehicle Leases under the businesses EIN (without good personal credit)


Business Equipment Loans and Leases


Business Credit Lines to purchase all kinds of business services at LOW prices with no money up front and small monthly payments, such as: internet websites, internet marketing, office supplies, postage, desktop and laptop computers, postcards, business cards, brochures, flyers, color laser printers (all with no social security number and no personal guarantee)


Store Commercial Charge Cards using the good BUSINESS credit (without good personal credit) from stores like: Office Depot, Staples, Home Depot, Dell Computers, Etc . . .


Commercial Loans


Corporate Business Credit Lines

With very few exceptions (invalid Corporation status, already have bad BUSINESS corporate credit, you cannot or will not state any projected or actual revenue), by following our program and asking for credit increases, you can obtain business credit and loans regardless of your personal credit. The program will walk you through building up your business credit report and profile so that you are able to obtain business credit without regard to your personal credit.




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